Rosie Wilkins Brand Coach and Strategist
1:1 Brand Alignment Session
with Rosie Wilkins

Delivered by:
Rosie Wilkins

Investment: £111

Call length: 75 Minutes

Access: One Time

After the call you'll receive the call recording so you can watch back along with notes taken and action steps 

If you're feeling stuck, overwhelmed or disconnected from your brand then you need a Brand Alignment session. 

You need and deserve to be building a brand that looks and feels like YOU. A brand that makes you feel as badass and as confident as those killer shoes or that favourite outfit does. If its not right, you'll feel self conscious, your energy will shrink and you're not going to show up as your most magnetic self. 

You need a message that you feel to your core
You need an aesthetic you're in love with 
You need a brand that represents all of you - even, and especially the quirky bits
You need a brand you feel a connection with
You need a clear plan to help you take your brand & business to the next level

Without alignment to your brand we stop showing up, we stop posting, we stop selling and we stop creating impact. 

When we are in alignment, we're visible, we're confident, we're bold and we're magnetic. 


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