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rosie wilkins plymouth

Rosie Wilkins


I am Rosie. Or Rose; whichever floats your boat. I’m a mum of 2, a brand strategist, a killer brand designer, and a lover of frothy Americano’s and Iced Oat Shaken Espressos.


I’m the literal blueprint for a Leo, an introvert and (if you’re into Human Design) a 6/3 Emotional Manifestor. All of these things combined mean it’s wildly in alignment for me to be in control of my own life and so building a business & brand that serves me and my lifestyle will always be important to me, and helping you to do the same thing is important to me too.

My philosophy is that we get one life, and we ALL deserve to spend that time doing something we love, with the people we care about most and in order to do these things, we need to build a business that serves us as well as our clients. 

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