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rosie wilkins plymouth

Hey! I'm Rosie; or Rose, whichever floats your boat.
I’m a mum of 2 little girls under 10 and when I'm not in the studio you'll probably find me in Starbucks sipping on an Americano, mooching round the Range or B&M, or out with the kids at some kind of Dinosaur related event 🙃


I’m the literal blueprint for a Leo, an introvert and (if you’re into Human Design) a 6/2 Emotional Manifestor (lord knows I love a nap). I LOVE to laugh. I think laughing and sleeping are likely my 2 favourite activities 😂 and I'm totally the person who often can't finish my own joke because I'm already laughing too hard.  

When I was young, my dad was self employed and my mum worked Freelance, so my example of a working life was very much a flexible one and I knew when I grew up I wanted to run a business - I just had zero clue what that business might be!

At school I studied graphic design, but it took me until I was 30 (thanks to a less than supportive design teacher) to actually follow through on that dream and believe in myself enough to use those skills and I'll be honest - I've not looked back since. 


I'm super visual, and like to keep things simple and broken down into bitesize chunks. I can't bear meetings for the sake of meetings, and would rather remove all the fluff and get straight to the point (something I think my clients value in my approach).

My philosophy is that we get one life, and we ALL deserve to spend that time doing something we love, with the people we care about most and in order to do these things, we need to build a business that serves us as well as our clients. 

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