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Become a
Brand Designer

Brand Design Educator Rosie Wilkins

An intensive 8 week course that’ll take you from Brand Design industry newbie to confident, knowledgeable and professional Brand Designer with a smooth process, happy clients and a healthy laptop life balance.

More impact for your clients, more £ for your bottom line.

Are you ready to unlock your next level and Become a Brand Designer?

Brand Design Educator Rosie Wilkins

I’m Rosie Wilkins and I’m a Personal Branding Designer & Strategist.

I made a career switch and came into the design industry towards the end of 2018. I had some prior experience in corporate marketing, a natural talent for design and bags of experience marketing myself on social media, but that was about it. I knew I needed to learn professional software, but otherwise I had very little idea of what it was going to take for me to run this as an actual business. 


I started where many designers do with logo design. My process was as basic as sending a PayPal link and a few screenshots over messenger of their logo options - then I wondered why I was getting endless revisions and awkward clients?

I was low balling my prices because a) I didn’t have the confidence to charge more and b) didn’t wholeheartedly believe people would pay more for what I was doing.


And I wasn’t entirely wrong. People don’t want to pay thousands for a logo design and as long as that’s all you’re offering, you won’t make a living from it unless you’re literally strapped to your laptop. I have kids. I needed balance - but more so, I WANTED balance.

We get to have all the things.
We just need to learn how to leverage our expertise so we can have them. 


I was lucky to have clients back to back, but I had no real idea how to manage these projects or how to manage the expectations of the clients. Revisions were often exhausting, I was sat well into the evening with my laptop making changes, and if I’d actually sat and worked out my hourly rate on a project I’m sure it would have been pennies, not pounds.

If I wanted to work less hours, pay myself an income I could actually live on and make a real impact and difference for my clients then I needed to make some big changes to what I was offering them.

So I set off on what became the journey to where I am now. It’s been more than 3 years of trial and error and improving and tweaking

Slowly, slowly I upleveled.
Increased my prices, smoothed out the process.
Learned brand strategy
Increased my prices a little more, refined the process more


And I am now at the point where:

▪️ I pay myself well

▪️ My clients are seeing real results with their branding

▪️ I have a flexible working lifestyle that I love - typically working around 4 hours a day, often over 4 days per week

▪️ I no longer need to work evenings or weekends in order to get everything done

▪️ I get to work with incredible clients

▪️ I have a contract, payment terms and onboarding process that protects me should a difficult client slip through the net

▪️ I confidently turn away business and clients that aren’t a great fit, allowing more space for those who are

▪️ I run projects according to my own timeline, with a process set up to give me pauses that allow for things like school holidays and time off



From £29 logos to £10,000 packages.
I’ve spent more than 3 years figuring out the details so you don’t have to. 

Who is this course for?

Become a Brand Designer is for you if:

▪️ You are dabbling in design now, wondering how you can make it your full time job


▪️ You’re looking to make a career change and this is something you’ve always dreamed of


▪️ You are offering these services to your clients right now but want to elevate the process and move from logo design into offering full scale brand design

▪️ You’re already a brand designer but don’t feel confident to raise your rates to where you'd like them to be because you don’t have a strong enough process in place

▪️ Running projects is draining you and you’re desperate to streamline things and spend less time at your desk but you can’t figure out how to make that happen

▪️ You’re attracting clients that are exhausting you, don’t respect your time and find yourself dealing with constant revisions that ruin the beautiful design you’ve created. You want easier clients, and the confidence to push back on revisions when you know they’re not right. 

▪️ You need someone to step in and show you the ropes and the steps so you can just get on with doing the design work you love without having to spend time figuring out all the things. 

What will you learn? 

In this course I’m literally going to teach you all the ins and outs of being a Brand Designer and running a smooth and efficient brand design business. Including:

▪️ Marketing yourself, creating content and putting your packages together. Contracts, payment systems and onboarding

▪️ Brand strategy, how to run a strategy call, compile a brand strategy document and interpret your findings

▪️ Creating an effective moodboard design, choosing and recommending colours using colour psychology, selecting and pairing fonts and how and where to license them correctly for use


Rosie Wilkins teaching brand design

▪️ The basic principles of designing a great logo, including different logo types, font selection and colour usage. 

▪️Delivering a concept design and then selling it to the client. Running the whole project from start to finish including handling revisions and pushing back where needed, managing your time and project deadlines and ensuring feedback comes in on time

▪️ Branding their social media including how to delivery editable templates, as well as creating files for print and setting up files according to printer specifications

▪️ Creating brand guideline documents, sourcing colour codes, exporting files in a range of formats, packaging up the brand for delivery and how to offboard a client

▪️ How to create for your own portfolio display and social media


▪️ 4 Fictitious brands for you to practice on and submit for feedback

Literally every single step I take to run my business and run my projects, including every single template, document, questionnaire and file including my contracts that you can copy/paste or rebrand and use as well as strategy call outlines and prompts to help you gain the information you need from your client.

The whole thing. All of it. 
When you're done you'll have all the tools you need to feel confident in yourself and your prices, and run a thriving Brand Design business.


Do I need any prior experience to take this course?

You need to have some basic skills and creativity as well as your own access to Adobe Illustrator (having InDesign and Photoshop would be a bonus but you can use Illustrator for all of this)

Although we might cover some of the basic principles, this course won’t teach you HOW to design. Just to be clear, this is not a graphic design course. 

Just Imagine...

▪️ Being able to jump head first into the design industry without having to start at the bottom

▪️ Having access to a design business blueprint with a proven track record, that you can implement immediately 


▪️ Being confident enough in yourself and your process that you can charge the rates you want to charge and attract clients you’re buzzing to work with 


▪️ Being able to run your design business on YOUR terms and your timeline. With days off - hell whole weeks off between projects if you want them - with solid handover dates and clients who respect your time and your availability 


▪️ Having more time available to work ON your business as well as IN your business


▪️ Having less pushback from clients because they are SOLD on YOU and your designs, and trust in the expert they’ve hired to deliver the brand they need

Rosie Wilkins teaching brand design

Sounds good right? 

Image by Manuel Moreno

Lets get the ball rolling!


This is a 1:1 programme. 

▪️ Timeline: 8 weeks with 1 call per week and some pre-recorded content.
▪️ Start date: To be confirmed between us 
▪️ Format: Zoom sessions, one weekly with a replay available

▪️ Some course material will be pre-recorded to supplement the Zoom sessions
▪️ You’ll also have access to .ai, PDF and Google Docs files for things like contracts, concept proposals, mood board templates etc

£266 Today

Followed by £266 per month for 2 months

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