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Rosie Wilkins Brand by Design Plymouth

Become confident in your process & get paid (and recognised) for your expertise

A self study course packed with hours of videos, templates & resources to help you become a confident, knowledgeable and professional Brand Designer.
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Perfect your Process

Take a look inside the Brand by Design Studio design process, with templates & documents you can rebrand make your own. Learn why we do things that way we do, & pick up strategies that'll help you take your design packages to the next level.

Cultivate your Confidence

Armed with a super smooth process, you'll learn how to effectively show your work and 'sell' your concepts and ideas to clients with confidence, knowing the expertise you bring to the table is seen & recognised by your clients.

Raise your Rates

Build a better work life balance while increasing your value as a designer and the impact you can make for your clients. We'll show you how to price for profit & get intentional about how you organise your workload, communicate with your clients and deliver your work.
I am not gatekeeping a single thing when it comes to this course. I’m an open book, talking you through the ups and downs and lessons from the last 5 years in business - figuring out as a self taught designer how to run a design business that didn’t suck all the passion and joy out of design for me. 
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