Become the brand-02.png
A self study branding
masterclass series

for small business owners looking to make impact and start showing up authentically in their business.


Delivered by:
Rosie Wilkins & Nicola Dowley

Investment: £155

Time to complete: 3 hr 50 mins

Access: Lifetime

Part One:

A live session delivered by Rosie Wood and Nicola Dowley talking about how to build a personal brand, the importance of showing up authentically and what that means and how your brand (and branding) can and should evolve over time.

LENGTH 1 hr 11 mins

Part Two:

Discover and define your brand and your messaging. Who are you? What is your mission? What makes you unique and how can you stand out in your industry? Who are your truly designed to be?  Strip back the layers & step into your brand Edge.

LENGTH 1 hr 13 mins

Part Three:

This is a practical look at your brand toolkit and how to position your brand and still look professional while you identify your brand edge. Choosing your colours, using colour psychology and creating a colour palette. Choosing fonts that speak for you, imagery and photography, & creating a coherent scroll stopping feed.

LENGTH 1 hr 26 mins


2 x Additional BONUS Canva templates for you to create your own mood board & brand board