Nicola Dowley Human Design Coach
1:1 Human Design
with Nicola Dowley

Personal HD Reading 
75 Minutes | Zoom | £155

HD & Business Intensive
90 Minutes | Zoom | £222

Human design has changed everything for me.

This is why i am so passionate to pass the torch to others . Human design is the roadmap to unlocking your next level limitless potential. Truth is we are all meant to be shining our light and living abundant passionate lives.


Yet the world teaches us not to trust ourselves & our intuition leaving many of us operating out of resistance, frustration , disappointment , bitterness because we are showing up in a way we were NEVER meant too. Leaving us burnout , exhausted & feeling like we cant have success without it costing us something else important. 


Human design not only takes away that resistance it allows you to be you in your biggest fullest energy so you can drawn in the perfect people & opportunities. This is a life & business that flows , that's exciting , one without sacrifice , that allows you to LIVE a life  that creates BIG impact & income. 


Alignment is the highest path , human design takes you there. Will you let it ?


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