Messaging mastery sessions

Professional, coherent looking visuals are great, but what you say alongside them, when you open your mouth, guest host a podcast, jump in someones group or introduce yourself is often the stumbling block that can have that beautiful brand come crashing down on top of you

Delivered by:
Rosie Wilkins

Investment: £144

Call length: 75 Minutes

Access: One Time

What is covered in a Messaging Mastery session?

Success in your business requires 2 things. Getting SEEN and getting HEARD and you need both. Being SEEN is not enough if your message is flimsy, and your message won't be HEARD if your branding is poor. 

Messaging mastery sessions are designed to help you create powerful, to the point, impactful messaging in whichever area of your business you feel you need some support. Perhaps your IG visitors aren't turning into followers and your bio needs a little zhuzh, maybe you're on the lookout for guest  spots in Facebook groups or Podcasts but you keep being asked for a bio and have 0 clue what to send - maybe you're trying to nail and name or the copy for a new course - or switch up your tagline. 

Whatever it is, I can help you in a Messaging Mastery session,