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We help you build the iconic brand that gets you seen, heard & loved by your dream clients.

Scroll-stopping, authority-building brand design & content creation that wildly elevates your online presence, while giving you back more time to work in your zone of genius.

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Your business is the transactional element. The exchange of energy. It's the service or product you offer in exchange for money. Your business is not the reason people buy from you, your brand is.

Think of your business like a person. As people we have basic needs to meet in order to survive. You need to eat, sleep, drink, breathe in the same way your business needs an income in order to survive as a business. The people around us don't value us because of these basic process', they value us because of who we are and we value brands for the same reason.

Your brand is the realisation of you, your values, your mission, and your personality. Brands give meaning and purpose to business'. 

It takes confidence and clarity to intentionally build a brand and we're here to support you with both. 

Our clients tells us they want to stand out online, but standing out takes more than a fancy colour palette and aesthetic. Standing out means a consistent and coherent, high-end presence that positions you as the expert and sets you apart in your industry. Building a brand is big business thinking. 

because no one really cares about your business. Let me explain 


Creating the business you're dreaming of means getting intentional about building a brand.

Business, Brand, Branding.


Visuals that capture your audience

and get you seen. 
Simple, bold messaging that cuts through the

noise to get you heard. 
High-end, strategic, professional content

that gets you loved. 

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"There are three responses to a

piece of design; yes, no and WOW!
Wow is the one to aim for."

- Milton Glaser

We're not here to create mediocre designs. In fact, the worst thing we can hear when we're working on your brand is "that'll do" or "it's fine". We want WOW. We want those emotional, full of meaning, happy tears. This is how we know we've hit the spot.

We specialise in crafting brand identities that are as unique as you are, that let your dream clients know from the moment they land on your socials or your website that they're in the right place. 

We're obsessed with branding for one main reason.. opportunity. Branding & Brand Strategy give you the ability to create any business you choose. You can be mass-market, high turnover Pandora, or you can be super high-end and exclusive Cartier. 

Wherever you want to be, whoever you want to work with, whatever you want to charge, creating a Brand is your means to getting there. 

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"I would highly recommend the Brand by Design team for company branding and marketing, social networking content and professional photography... In just 3 months our diaries are now mostly full and the remaining smaller last minute cancellation gaps are filled in no time with the weekly social media bulletins and posts."

- Martine, Chakra Health & Beauty

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Brand Design, Content Creation, Social Media Templates


Brand Design, Print, Content Creation, Social Media Management

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