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Generators - You are here to feel the hairs stand up on the back of your neck with the work that you do.

It's not WHAT you do in your biz it's HOW you FEEL when you are doing it.

Your sacral is either turned on by your work or it's leaking energy from committing to things that were not a passionate yes or doing things the way "we think we should"

Offers that come from overthinking, "what & how " & initiating ideas will lead to frustration = little to no sales.

A business feels effortless is when you are responding to life & sharing what you are passionate about will feel satisfying.

Show them the energy of satisfaction 🔥

Show them you ARE the embodiment of the work

& literally watch the floodgates open!

Business by Design is open

Being the magnet in business.

Generators your up 1st.

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