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Manifesting Generators

The real magic for you MGs is you really owning your BOLD design.

You are here with a mission & vision and can do BIG things when you align to your strategy & authority.

Standard linear marketing advice will only bring you resistance. Ie Initiating, cold messaging, without waiting for a response brings frustration to your business, & you committing energy to the wrong things = Exhaustion

Drop the one size fits all. Picking a niche will leave you suffocated. Dive into all the things that bring you excitement that IS exactly how you are BORN to be.

Whats important when choosing what to lead with is that you use your authority to discern if it's right for you.

This avoids a scattered approach as not everything laid on your path is a yes at this moment . So ask your sacral Yes/No questions. Give yourself some space. Honour the NO. Make a list come back to it & if it still brings you the fire then GO GO GO.

We are diving in deep on what it looks like to wait to respond as a Mani Gen in Business by Design.

This course is 🔥a must if your ready to get clarity in your strategy , embody your design , bring the fun & effortless flow to your brand.

We are covering all energy types.

Simply purchase your type

AND/OR grab the bundle if you desire to lead / coach your clients by thier design. Click here for full details

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