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The thing designers won't tell you...

is that your logo, really isn't all that important.

Hear me out, because you do still need one.

It's just not the be all and end all. Your brand is bigger than that.

Bringing a brand to life is about creating an experience for your audience and your client, both visual and non-visual and we need a whole toolkit if we're going to make the impression we want to make.

Think of it like this...

You show up for a networking event.

Your visual brand (colour palette, font choices, logo, patterns, aesthetic etc) is what you're wearing. Its how you present yourself when you make that very first impression. Google says it takes 7 seconds to make a first impression - so the visual stuff MATTERS wildly

But the lasting memory isn't what you wore - it's what you SAID.

How you made them feel. 

The questions you asked.

The interest you took.

What you had in common and your shared interests.

The experience of conversing with you.

The visuals make you more likely to spark the conversation - they are the tool that creates that initial attraction, but its the substance that comes after that will make or break their experience.

And this is why a COHERENT experience is SO important.

The experience MUST match the visuals.

And this is why we developed Brand In A Day - for those who have nailed the experience & the message but aren't attracting the clients to have the conversations with because their visuals aren't showing them off.

Is that you? 

Brand In A Day

£333 on booking

£333 the week we get started (you can book well in advance)

£333 when we're done


Strategically built.

Aesthetically stunning.

Time savvy.


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