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Kirstie is a woman's transformation coach. She helps women get stronger & more confident physically & mentally & lead happier healthier lifestyles through weight training & nutrition.  She supports women in ditching the fad diets & endless cardio with programmes that completely changes your mindset for good! 

After such an incredible growth and transformational journey both in business and personally, Kirstie no longer recognised herself in her branding and knew she was ready for a BOLDER edge to match her Generator HD energy type, big vision & personal transformation.

She now has a carefully crafted product suite that provides impact and transformation to her clients while serving her and her lifestyle, including a membership, group coaching and high level packages for the woman who wants to make BOLD shifts in her life.


"I have worked with them both the last few months in Muse and also for further support with my re brand

They helped me understand my Human Design and ultimately what drives me as a business owner and where to use my human design in business. I’ve definitely struggled previously with my emotions in business and this really helped

We built my brand, my logo, my graphics right from the start from a mood board. We built these around my values and my vision for my brand and my ideal client. The coaching sessions were invaluable to then allow the design part to take place. This all took place in a strategic structured way.

Everything I wanted my business and brand to look like was in my head I just didn’t have the technical capability or skill to produce it to such an incredibly high standard. This is where Rosie and Nic came in. Support with course launches, e mail Data capture, landing pages. A full library of graphics for my brand, colour codes, fonts the list is endless. They produced and worked on it all

I am so proud of my new brand.
Brand by Design captured exactly what I visualised And wanted my new brand to become.
I now own a Luxury Fitness brand unique from the rest.
I feel so excited for the future"


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