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The Sweet


Intentional connection to yourself & your business

20-23rd November 2023
The Wholehouse, Brecon Beacons, Wales

A 3 night break in the heart of Wales, creating connections with like-minded women so you can craft an intentional & successful year ahead.

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You'd think simply showing up as yourself would be easy, right?

In reality, it can feel like the hardest thing in the world to do

Deciding to be yourself is one thing, knowing what on earth that actually means on a daily basis is another and dare we even. mention the word intention to actually have the audacity to be visibly proud of who you are and all that you stand for. 

Unlocking, defining, harnessing and most importantly EMBRACING the wonderful, quirky, funny, intelligent, caring and outright fabulous person you are is the key to seeing success in your business and creating a truly unique, stand out brand. 

Stepping authentically into the personal side of your business takes an INTENTIONAL approach.

By signing up to the Rhubarb & Custard sweet retreat you are taking the first step to being intentionally YOU and proud.


It's time to stop:


Setting the same goal month after month with no real plan to achieve it

Posting and praying - sending out content with no intention or strategy

Wondering how on earth to stand out among the crowds and get you and your message heard & understood

Feeling like you should be showing up in a certain way, and like you need to fit a mould in order to fit society's version of success

Chopping and changing your branding, because it never quite feels 'right' for the destination your heart desires

That's where we come in.


Intentional clarity, intentional identity, intentional growth, intentional connection and intentional strategy.


It's time to engage with intention.

We have spent the last 3 years collaborating with new and existing business owners, just like you, to help them really get in touch with the gift they bring to the world, and harness it as their Unique Super Power.

We know, both from our own experiences and the amazing transformations our clients have been through, that when you step into a brand that looks and feels like you, it's like putting on that incredible outfit that fills you with courage, confidence and the ability to tell the world that YOU MEAN BUSINESS, and things just got personal. SUPERCHARGE this with INTENTION you become unstoppable.


Meet JoJo

Fairy godmother status applies with this award-winning sassy yet serious inspirational and motivational speaker. JoJo Smith, aka the Business Development and Branding Fairy Godmother, has forged a unique style of working practices, strategy, and infectious high energy talks to encourage, empower and elevate her clients in crowning their courage, confidence, and self-belief to show that they have the power to grant their own wishes into reality.

Jojo is also an accredited best selling author! as part of the collaboration book “There she glows” Vol. 2 An Inspirational and Empowering guide for Women all over the world.

With over 20 years of business development experience, JoJo mentors with passion and determination to guide her branding and lifestyle clients to a place of self-belief and ownership of one’s true authentic identity - discovering and developing their USP through SAS - Self Awareness Strategy - to bring their maximum potential to life!! #SassyNotSorry

Meet Rosie

I am Rosie. Or Rose; whichever floats your boat. I’m a mum of 2, a brand strategist, a killer brand designer, and a lover of frothy Americano’s and Iced Oat Shaken Espressos. 


I’m the literal blueprint for a Leo, an introvert and (if you’re into Human Design) a 6/3 Emotional Manifestor. All of these things combined mean it’s wildly in alignment for me to be in control of my own life and so building a business & brand that serves me and my lifestyle will always be important to me, and helping you to do the same thing is important to me too.

My philosophy is that we get one life, and we ALL deserve to spend that time doing something we love, with the people we care about most and in order to do these things, we need to build a business that serves us as well as our clients. 


There are no new messages, only new messengers

You see, it's not really about what you do. It's about the way you do it. 

Your passion, skills, knowledge, understanding, experience and delivery are completely unique to you, and often, when we're not seeing the success we're looking for then we assume it's because we need to be better.

'Better' is not the answer. You already are enough.

The answer lies in becoming intentional with your actions, your audience and your attitude so the world can see the incredible expertise you bring to the table and the impact & legacy you and they can achieve. 

Where there's a wish-07.png

Have you ever had that one outfit, or pair of shoes that make you feel a million dollars...?

Imagine going to bed every night knowing that outfit is waiting for you in the morning


Just imagine for a moment...


Feeling EXCITED to show up for your business and share your message and your passion

Always knowing exactly WHAT TO SAY on social media, without second guessing yourself

Jumping out of bed knowing you'll be working with a constant stream of INCREDIBLE CLIENTS who light you up and love your results

NEVER having to HIDE yourself because you feel so damn confident that your audience will support you

ATTRACTING an audience of like-minded people who are just like you!

Showing up, and building, a BRAND that EMPOWERS you to reach your version of success

Are you ready?

It's time to get intentional

Private Suite

A private suite, with ensuite facilities

all to yourself

Payment plans available


Shared Suite

Book alongside your business bestie and share your suite & your savings!

Payment plans available


Please keep in mind that the closer we get to the retreat, the fewer months we have to spread your payment over. While your total cost won't increase, the longer you wait to book, the higher your monthly payments will be. The payment plans offered via this page will be adjusted each month to reflect the change. 


But don't just take our word for it...

Prash Sharma

Joanne Fisher

Katie Page

Rachel Peru

If Rhubarb & Custard built houses...

Your Rhubarb & Custard home from home.

Secluded on a family owned working sheep farm in the Brecon Beacons, Wales, this incredible house was created to be a space for people to come together and make memories with no stone left unturned. With quirky quotes, bright bold colours and lots of hidden touches this is THE house that pulls the Rhubarb & Custard magic together. 

All rooms have ensuite facilities, and during your stay you'll have time to make use of the wood-fired hot tub, take a walk in the grounds, sip a hot cuppa on top of the open top, double-decker bus viewing platform or chill out in the cinema room or in front of the roaring log fire.

All your food and drink is included too, as well as a few SASSY surprises from Rosie & JoJo. 

Click here to explore the The Wholehouse on Instagram


We start day two with a morning meditation session in the living room, before heading to the dining room for breakfast. You could also se this time to have a lie in, take a fresh walk in the grounds or just chat & connect with those around you. Whatever you feel like. There's never any pressure. 

Our first session will start at around 11am until 12:30pm and then we'll break for lunch for an hour or so. 

Our second session of the day will run from around 1:30pm-2:30pm. 

During your stay, you'll also get 30 minutes with our brand photographer so you'll have your slot either this afternoon or tomorrow afternoon. 

We meet at around 6:30pm for dinner, then spend some time chatting or playing games in the living room until bedtime. 

What happens while you're with us? 

We're together from Monday 20th November through to Thursday 23rd November and during that time we have a mixture of content to ensure you have time to relax & connect with those around you, as well as work on your intention, planning, brand, belief & business goals for the year ahead of you. 

Monday is arrival day. We usually ask guests to arrive between 5pm & 7pm and you'll have some time to get yourself settled after your journey. We'll eat, then likely settle in for a film in the cinema room. 

Day Three runs on the same schedule as day two, so you'll well have our morning meditation, plus 2 daytime sessions to work on you and your business. 

If you didn't have photos on day two, you'll spend time with our brand photographer today and can utilise Rosie & JoJo to help with ideas, props and creative direction. 

This evening, you'll be invited to a Cracking 
Creative Christmas, featuring all the decor and magic of Christmas dinner - so bring your xmas jumper if you have one!

Day four is departure day, but not before our Planning & Intention session. You'll map out the whole year ahead of you, and start to work on content & launch planning too. 

You'll leave around lunchtime, with a packed lunch for the journey home. 

What's included?

In a word... everything. 

All your food & drink, some SASSY surprise

swag & gifts from Rosie & JoJo, notebooks, 

pens & any planners we might need to use for 

our sessions as well as 30 Minutes with our

Brand Photographer and around a dozen 

digital images for you to use on your socials

or website. 

Inclusivity is really important to us, so if you have any accessibility requirements, allergies or needs just let us know and we'll do everything we can to ensure things are taken care of & you can get the most enjoyment possible out of your stay. 

SASsy special guests!

Each year we have some special guests come & add their magic and expertise to our retreat. Past guests have included The Feminine Energy Guide, Niki Kinsella; Creative Feng Shui & Intentional living expert Sarah Stone and Lawyer Jo Fisher.


Keep an eye on our socials for 2023 special guest announcements! 


Some of our favourite snaps from this year