A self study introduction
to Human Design

Human design has many many layers to unravel. Buts it's the core pillars that really set the solid foundation . These really are the building blocks to Human Design.

Delivered by:
Nicola Dowley

Investment: £111

Time to complete: 2 hr 33 mins

Access: Lifetime

Part One:

We dive into all Energy Types &  Strategy 

LENGTH 1 hr 29 mins

Part Two:

All Authorities of Human design

LENGTH 1 hr 4 mins

You will gain clarity around your Human design & how to harness your energy, how you should be moving through life & your correct decision  making process. 

You will also have access to the core knowledge of other designs so you have clarity around how other designs work. Which is hugely beneficial when leading a team, or clients, & to enhance the communication in your relationships. 

A note - The Pillar has information from Nicolas personal investment into her studies in level 1 & 2 of human design & HD resources.